Privacy policy

1. Owner of Register
The parties: The customers and the web shop Rockshirts.fi

2. Register Name
Rockshirts.fi customer register

3. Purpose of Register
The main purpose of the register is to manage customer relations. The register may be used for direct marketing, provided the customer has agreed thereto (mail list).

4. Register Content
The registers consist of several registers for different purposes, which combined make up the Rockshirts.fi customer register.
Customer register - The customer register may include customers’ names and contact details
Order register - The order register may include customers’ names and contact details, information about ordered products and services as well as technical information about the order, such as the date and time.
Digital mailing lists - Digital mailing lists include customers' e-mail addresses

5. Common sources of information
Information contained in the registers has primarily been provided by you.

6. Common information about data and transferring of data outside the EU or the EEA (European Economic Area)
Personal information is normally not disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, no personal information is transmitted outside the EU or the EEA.

A. Physical materials (storage and protection)
No physical materials exist.

B. Digital sensitive data
Data stored on computers are stored on a password-protected server.

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