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Official merchandise t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, beanies, scarves, aprons, toys from home of rock and roll clothing. Fu Manchu is an American stoner rock band, formed in Southern California in 1985, and long-associated with the Palm Desert Scene.

Discography Albums No One Rides for Free LP/CD (1994 Bong Load) Daredevil LP/CD (1995 Bong Load) In Search Of... LP/CD (1996 Mammoth) The Action Is Go LP/CD (1997 Mammoth) Godzilla's/Eatin' Dust (1999 Man's Ruin) King of the Road LP/CD (2000 Mammoth) California Crossing LP/CD (2001 Mammoth) Start the Machine CD (2004 DRT Entertainment) We Must Obey LP/CD (2007 Century Media/Liquor and Poker) Signs of Infinite Power LP/CD (2009 Century Media) Gigantoid LP/CD (2014 At The Dojo) Clone of the Universe LP/CD (2018 At The Dojo) Singles and EPs "Kept Between Trees" 7" (1990 Slap-a-Ham Records) "Senioritis" 7" (1992 Zuma Records) "Pick-Up Summer" 7" (1992 Elastic Records) "Don't Bother Knockin' (If This Van's Rockin)" 7" (1992 Elastic Records) "Missing Link" 7" (1996 Mammoth) "Asphalt Risin'" 7" (1996 Mammoth) "Godzilla" 10" (1997 Man's Ruin) "Jailbreak" CD/split 7" with Fatso Jetson (1998 Sessions Records) "Eatin' Dust" 10" (1999 Man's Ruin) "Ride To Live (Live To Ride)" Twisted Forever Comp. (2001 Koch) Something Beyond CD/7" (2003 Elastic Records) Hung Out to Dry CD/7" (2006 Century Media) "Knew It All Along" 7" (2007 At The Dojo) "Beach Blanket Bongout" 7" (2009 At The Dojo) "Slow Ride / Future Transmitter" 7" (2016 At The Dojo) Compilation and live albums Return to Earth 91-93 LP/CD (1998 Elastic Records) Go for It... Live! LP/CD (2003 Steamhammer) Singles and music videos Tilt (1995) Asphalt Risin' (1996) Evil Eye (1997) King of the Road (2001) Squash That Fly (2001) Written in Stone (2004) Hung Out to Dry (2007) Personnel Current members Scott Hill – guitar and vocals (1985–present) Brad Davis – bass and vocals (1994–present) Bob Balch – guitar (1996–present) Scott Reeder – drums and vocals (2001–present) Former members Ruben Romano – drums and vocals (1985–1996) Ken Pucci – vocals (1985–1990) Mark Abshire – bass and vocals (1985–1987, 1990–1994) Greg McCaughey – bass (1987–1990) Glenn Chivens – vocals (1990) Scott Votaw – guitars (1990–1993) Eddie Glass – guitars (1993–1996) Brant Bjork – drums (1996–2001) Official Fu Manchu Merchandise online Rockshirts webshop bandshirts movieclothing home of cool clothing


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